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Audit and Assurance

The audit services are both external and internal. Our approach to our external audit is risk based; the approach requires an understanding of the risks associated with the business and focusing our audit on areas considered high risk, without ignoring the other areas.

The internal audit approach which is risk based looks at the whole internal control operations of the business. We provide advisory to the board of management continually on the internal control process that have been designed whether they are working or need improvement. We help the board of management in keeping the organization on check on its compliance with legislations and dynamic business environment.

We understand the nature and size of the business, the scope of the assignment, the style of management, and the economic and legal environment in which the business operates and design our audit strategy based on this understanding. The audit plan is developed in consultation with the client, thereby ensuring that the specific needs of our clients are taken into account during the audit process.

In carrying out the audit, we attach importance to the underlying controls and reconciliation procedures. At the end of each audit, we review the attainment of the audit objectives that we have set out for each assignment.

Our audit strategy is designed to ensure that all audits are conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing. All audits are planned, controlled, recorded and reviewed, with a high level of partner involvement at each critical stage of the audit.