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Forensic and Investigative Audits

Forensic audit and special investigations refers to the entire process of investigating a financial matter and suspected frauds; including potentially acting as an expert witness if the fraud comes to trial.

Some of the areas we cover under this service category include: –

  • Review of the Internal Control Framework for the project or organization; including policies and systems
  • Review and analyzing the potential red flags that may indicate inappropriate financial reporting schemes, misappropriation of assets, inappropriate use of project asset and expenditures and liabilities for an improper purpose.
  • Determining total expenditure of a project in a period and find out if it’s as per expected categories
  • Identify expenditures which have been made but are not eligible for funding from project funds
  • Conduct physical on-site verification of assets and their intended use, services rendered and possible outputs
  • Make a determination on whether value for money was received on rendered services and purchased goods.
  • Verification of advances and their subsequent retires including support documents validity etc.
  • Verification on cases whereby material cash payments are made for any project expenditure
  • Verify procurement and construction documentation, measurement and certification records and provide professional review as per the relevant technical standards.