Accounting Services

Accounting Services
  • Outsource Accounting Services

We outsource accounting services to business people who donít require a full time accountant. We also outsource services to those business people who would rather concentrate on making money and leave the part of accounting for it to accountants.

  • Tax health check for compliance and statutory regulation compliance

Many business people want to be compliant; we have designed a program that can check how healthy your business is in terms of compliance. For this we carry out quarterly or monthly tax health checks that which is coupled with systems checks.

For those requiring tax refunds either on VAT or otherwise we can check the correctness of your claim before lodging the claim.

  • Review of accounting system

We carry out reviews of the current system of accounting a business unit is using and report on the short comings given the requirements of the business owners.

We also review the appropriateness of the system in place given the required results and reports, this we also report on and give our recommendations.

We carry out research on what system is best for a business before operations are started and advise accordingly. In doing this we examine the data inputs vis a vis required results and advise on the best system to carry out processing.

  • Computerization of accounting system

Most business people have welcomed the computerized accounting system, to move form manual system or change over from one computerized accounting system to another is a tedious and tasking job we undertake that on behalf of our clients and ensure smooth transition to the other system without interference with day today business running.